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Lisa Inside Addiction is a compassionate and innovative addiction recovery company, founded from personal and professional experience by Luke Worsfold. Our mission is to offer transformative support to individuals grappling with addiction, specifically catering to C-suite executives and entrepreneurs. Our comprehensive program includes a blend of video programmes, engaging worksheets, personalised one-to-one counselling sessions, and regular accountability phone calls. We provide our services both remotely and through face-to-face interactions, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for our clients. The creation of Lisa Inside Addiction stems from Luke’s own struggles with addiction, driving a deep understanding and commitment to helping others on their journey to recovery. Named in honour of his mother Lisa, who tragically lost her life to drugs and alcohol when he was just 10 years old. He set himself on a mission to prevent as many people from alcohol and drug overdose as he can.

Hey, I’m Luke Worsfold, the founder of Lisa Inside Addiction.

As a counsellor with 6 years of sobriety, my goal is to help you take control of your drinking.

How It Started

How It Is Going

I grew up with a mother who struggled with alcohol and passed away when I was just 10 years old. Unfortunately, I followed in her footsteps, drinking and taking drugs until I lost my partner, family connections and business.

I relentlessly searched for answers through google, books, AA Meetings and rehab but nothing seemed to be working… then I discovered…. ADDICTION THERAPY.

Thanks to the power of therapy, I was able to understand why I drank, earn back my loved one’s trust and break free my self-destructive cycle of drinking and using drugs.

Now I’ve made it my mission to help others take control of their drinking/drug use and reduce their consumption.

I can confidently tell you, you are in the right place! So book a call and let’s walk this journey together.

All our counsellors are...

Experienced, Trusted, Qualified, Regulated


The Amazing People On The Team



Sharon is an open and empathetic counsellor and a qualified DBT therapist. She has extensive experience in the addiction industry, working with clients privately and in a rehab setting. She will provide a safe space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and. behaviours whilst offering an open and non-judgemental environment where you can talk openly and freely with no influences or pressure.

Tailored Pathways to Recovery

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We'll personally guide you step-by-step

1:1 Counselling

Have weekly addiction counselling sessions designed to help you uncover and address your emotions whilst providing the support, customisation and accountability you need at every stage.

A toolbox of therapeutic strategies

Video Programme

Get instant access to transformative therapeutic tools carefully crafted after years of research and testing so you can go at your own pace through our step-by-step process.

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