No One Is Going To Rescue Me With Jane Dolby

In this episode of the podcast, my guest is Jane Dolby a friend and fellow therapist who has been on an amazing journey. One thing I loved about our conversation was the vulnerability, openness and Janes courage to seek the truth as opposed to believing she has figured it all out.

Janes background is in music and PR however the death of her husband in 2009, led her to re-evaluate life and become a therapist. She loves this work and finds it deeply meaningful to help transform peoples lives.



People blossom when they feel heard and valued and I consider it a privilege to walk alongside them for part of their journey. Mental health struggles and recovery is a path I’ve walked myself

Jane Dolby

Janes was addicted to meeting her unmet needs through food. She lived a life of not being able to stop eating and wearing a mask of being happy and fat. However, she was not just addicted to food but to self-sabotage and damaging relationships as well.


Someone with a more more more button

Jane Dolby

The more, more, more button in Jane and most of us addicts came from her loss and abandonment. She was adopted as a child and didn’t know her parents, therefore she tried to fill up her unmet needs with addictive behaviours.


She craved real love but settled for the imitation love gained from the food

Jane Dolby

Jane had an emotional shift that was kickstarted by the risk of medical issues. This was further reinforced by the thought that if anything happened to her as a result of her addictive behaviour janes kicks would be left without either parent.


I realised a lot of my behaviour could really impact my kids quite badly

Jane Dolby

One of the saving graces was Janes friendships which she always maintained and were there in times of crisis.

But before she could work through all of her past Jane went to therapy and gained the self-awareness. She came to a big realisation that no one was coming to rescue her. Jane spoke about taking responsibility for her life and behaviour. She decided to stop being a victim and grow up emotionally.

Through nase journey to becoming a blossoming flower, she had to let go and surrender. She realised that fighting life and trying to get it fi her picture was exhausting. Jane stopped fighting the current and swimming upstream so she could learn to flow with the river of life.

As we discuss in the interview it is easier to take something out of an open hand rather than a closed fist. She described removing the expectations of the outcome to be liberating and powerful.

It was amazing to talk with Jane and if any of the podcast or Janes storey resonated with you please feel free to reach out to either of us below.

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